Slay Your Drug Addiction Giant

3 Tips to Overcome Relapses after Rehab

You have decided to end your affair with drug addiction. You have just got out of the rehab and you have been doing great for the past few weeks or months until it came knocking at your door again, inviting you for a little reunion.

Now you are trying to weigh things. Torn between two lovers. Would you choose to move on with the life you are in the process of redeeming or would you go back to the pleasurable past?

If you are in this kind of situation, then you are standing in front of a potential relapse.

A Relapse is a time when a user falls down to his addiction again after a period of abstinence from it.

Since drug addiction is a chronic disease as proven by many studies, drug addiction relapse is inevitable but it does not suddenly come without symptoms. The factors that can trigger your addiction will always come flying around but you can combat these temptations with proper weapons at hand.

Here are 3 Tips that would help you deal with potential drug addiction relapses and keep you on the right track:

Dig deeper

Drug addiction can only be a manifestation of a bigger emotional problem. A self-assessment can help determine the root cause of your addiction. Honestly face the pain that you are trying to conceal with your addiction. Seek counseling from people you can trust.

Build a support network

Counselors and non-user friends can be this strong wall behind you as you set sail on your recovery journey. Allow these people to encourage and support you along the way. Hearing some inspiring stories of your past user friends who went through the same battle could also be a big help.

Get involved

Join activities such as sports and fun but healthy social gatherings. Regular exercise could also be helpful since whenever you do so, your body releases natural endorphins that relax your mind and reduces stress. This could also be a perfect time for you to explore new and creative hobbies. Your imagination is the limit.

You had a normal life even before you got involved in drugs but then somehow, the unfair and irrational inconsistencies of life had its way in you – a loss of a loved one, a traumatic event, a heartbreaking separation, and a desire to be accepted.

You went an extra mile to fill the void in your heart and escape the pain and yet you ended up having nothing but stubborn addiction and deteriorating health. You got stuck in this mess and you can’t find a way to get out.

You feel alone in this battle but here’s a good news for you. Even when nobody seems to care, Jesus knows about your struggle and He does care. He knows that you need freedom from addiction and this is why He came into this world. He came to set you free.

“So Christ has made us free. Now make sure that you stay and don’t get tied up again in the chains of slavery…” – Galatians 5:1 TLB

A relapse isn’t a sign that you failed in your pursuit for a new life. Yes, these tips would help you in your recovery process; but, only the transforming love of Christ can change a heart. Claim His healing, and He will once again calm your raging seas.

“He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted and to announce that captives shall be released and the blind shall see.” – Luke 4:18 TLB

It is never too late to continue the race. Break those chains now.

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